Recentemente, na comunidade Front-end, Server-Side-Rendering (SSR) pode ser considerado um conceito cada vez mais popular. Aprendi muito sobre Server-Side-Rendering utilizando o framework Next.js, então gostaria de gastar um pouco do seu tempo para te apresentar os conceitos básicos de SSR e os recursos que o Next.js tem, que faz com que ele seja o framework SSR mais popular hoje.

O que é renderização do lado do servidor?

(Como estou acostumado a usar o React, os exemplos ou conceitos a seguir serão escritos no React)

Antes de falar sobre Server-Side-Rendering, quero apresentar o conceito correspondente: Client-Side-Rendering (CSR). …


Hello guys, in this tutorial we will learn how to prepare our local environment to develop applications and automate our deployments in Kubernetes using Skaffold and kustomize let’s get started.

Lately, I have been working on a project in which we used Kubernetes to manage the deployments of the microservices the great difficulty of the team was to set up an identical local environment to the one we have in production, after some researches we decided to explore skaffold just to work in our environment locally.

In our example we will use two simple APIs developed in Golang and Gorilla…

Hello guys, today we are going to do an introduction about tests, soon we will be launching here a tutorial where we will approach the creation of a store using Next.js, GraphQL, Strapi, and TDD so without further ado let’s go.

Tests are extremely important for our development and because the project has a short delivery time we don’t give so much importance to writing them, it is extremely important for us developers to know how they work and how we can use the tools to create our testing the most difficult for us is to know how we can…

This article aims to introduce you to the Apollo Client. It will provide an overview of the features of this technology and at the same time, provide examples using TypeScript. The Apollo Client has the function of making requests for our GraphQL API.

What I find important in the Apollo Client is that it is more than just a tool for making requests and obtaining data. In essence, it is a state management library. It searches for information, takes care of caching, error handling, and establishes WebSocket connections with GraphQL.

If there is a possibility to add GraphQL to an…

Hey guys, I would like to share with you a way to work with caching in Next.js using this wonderful library — lscache

One of the main reasons for having a website is done with Next.JS is that the page accessed by our users has a very fast loading. This is because when a page is loaded, Next.JS will download in the background all other linked pages. This works great for static pages, but when we need to search for some data using the geStaticProps method, loading that page will take a while to return that data. …

We recently developed a project using Next.js to consume data from an API that data is updated from another application in React as we can see below:

Form de cadastro da Loja virtual

One of the features that I find most interesting in Next.JS is that individual routes can opt for server-side rendering as is our case. This suits very well what we want as the application’s behavior a perfect use case; I can fetch the data from the database in the first rendering, simplifying our front-end code.

That’s what we thought … That’s where the problem comes from.

Detailing the problem: when we updated the…

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